Nico Sleator is a New York based pianist, synth player, producer, composer, DJ and teacher who has broken into the world of modern rock and pop, coming from a background of EDM, pop, classical, and jazz piano. At the age of 20, he toured stadiums across America and Canada opening for Marylyn Manson and Rob Zombie with modern emo rock band Palaye Royale. He has spent the past few years touring the coasts with his project The Living Strange, an eclectic, beautiful, and heavy rock trio, playing events like vans warped tour in 2018 and Elements music festival in 2021.  Aside from his career as a performer, Nico is an accomplished producer who has gained international success and has been mentioned in magazines such as The Fader. He is also an official Steinway partnered piano teacher.

Born and raised in Pittsburgh PA, Nico has been studying classical piano since the age of 7, and has been named a Steinway young artist at the age of 13. He then began to study jazz and taught himself EDM production, inspired by artists like Bill Evans and Skrillex. After playing in many different musical groups at a young age, he found himself playing rock, jazz, classical, and live electronic music back to back. Since then, he has played venues from Lincoln Center in New York City to La Place Vendôme in Paris, and a generous amount of stadiums and arenas across America and Canada. He recently graduated from The New School for Jazz with a BFA for Jazz Piano Performance, and works as a private teacher and freelance keyboard player, music producer, and piano teacher in New York city.