Nico Sleator began with classical music. As young as age 11, he began performing concertos in his hometown with the Pittsburgh Concerto Chamber Orchestra and in 2012, was named Steinway Society Young Artist. He found himself improvising and playing by ear at a young age, and started formally training in jazz at Duquesne University and with the masters of Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild.

Along his musical journey, he dove into the realm of modern electronic music, and has developed a strong skill set in sound design, mixing, and electronic keyboard playing. Since then he has played in dozens of jazz, rock, and electronic bands, and has produced for rappers, pop singers, and bands of all styles. Having experience in so many different veins of music has given him a unique perspective; he has the ability to understand musical situations from any point of view.

Nico was recently employed by Litchfield Jazz Camp to work with children, and is an experienced teacher, having held music teaching positions at a private school and various summer camps.

Nico Sleator lives in New York City, where he works and continues his studies at the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music.